Managing Type-1 Diabetes just got easier.

Better Living Technologies connects diabetes data to smart devices like Alexa and smart lights to improve quality of life. We reduce anxiety around caring for a child with Type-1 Diabetes.

Take Back Control

Sleep More

Understand when and how  blood sugars change with alert lights that tie into your CGM data.

Live More

Learn your child's trends to give yourself the confidence to relax and enjoy your time.


Share More

Give access to babysitters, grandparents, teachers, and others to let your child run free.

Ever-Present Diabetes Data

Alert Light

Wake up to lights turning on when glucose levels cross defined thresholds.

Mood Light

A mood light that changes colors based on blood sugar levels

Ask Alexa

Coming Soon - Hi Alexa, what's my blood sugar?

Much More!

Our vision is that diabetes data should be as accessible as stock or weather information

Manage Your Child’s Type-1 Diabetes with Ease

We're currently running an invite only beta program for families of children with type 1 diabetes. If you're interested in participating you can request more information and reserve your invite today!


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